Since I was a kid, I discovered nature and my love for it. It was a place I used to go to meditate and relax my body and soul.
I was born and grown up in a small village known as Chbaniye located in Mount Lebanon. It had a lot of pine and oak trees and a beautiful climate. The nature was the place I started my first meditation.

Walking through nature is one of my hobbies and I found out that I discover new places and hidden roads and foot trails in my village and neighboring villages. My love for this adventure made me discover and search many of the hidden trails from North Lebanon to South, East and West.

I discovered mountains, cliffs, valleys, caves and old historian temples that go back to 6000 B.C.
I loved this hobby so much that I exercise twice a week. I always go alone the first time to study the hidden roads and foot trails that my ancestors walked on, all the valleys and mountain and breath-taking views.

I then get together, a group of young and old people from ages of 16 to 80 years, hiking on these hidden roads I discovered, so that they will enjoy themselves and learn to love their beautiful green country and help us to save our nature.

Each group can take a least tow small trees and plant them in the mountain we walk through to keep our planet green for our new generation. Some members that enjoyed my work encouraged me to start a club (club of the hidden roads and foot trails of Lebanon) Hiking takes between 4 to 7 hours a day depending on the hikers strength.

I also run every morning for a distance varying between 15Km to 20Km to always be ready for any marathon.

Organizing hiking for schools and communities for younger children who love nature is also in my program. This would make them love such a hobby, memorize old foot trails and help their nature survive by planting more trees and saving the environment.