Beirut (1923-1994) Architect ALBA*, 1949 Upon his graduation, he set up his own professional structure that was operational until 1959.

He achieved during this period various villas and residential buildings in Beirut and in the suburbs of the Lebanese capital amongst which:

in villas;

  • Mansour (1952) district of the Museum
  • Aboujaoudé (1952) Camille Chamoun boulevard
  • Joseph Haddad (1956) in Awkar,
  • Abi Nader (1958) in Ghouma,
  • Abou Jaoudé (1957) in Jal-el-Dib and the Abdo Kesrouani building in Haret-Hreik.

He took up various official duties from 1959 and until 1987.

Initially, he was named Buildings director within the Ministry of public works (1959-1964). Then, he supervised the DGU* between 1964 and 1974 and in parallel was appointed Director-general of the Ministry of Tourism (1964-1977) and lastly from 1977 to 1987 Administrator of the town of Beirut. He supervised at the same time – in cooperation with architects Pierre El Khoury*, Pierre Neema* and Assad Raad* – the details drafting of the report on the master plan of Beirut Central District worked out by the APUR*.

Moreover, he was vice-president of the Order of Engineers and Architects of Beirut* and in addition taught for several years at the INBA*.